Free Email Services Worth Knowing

Even though there are varieties of social networks and people are making use of these for all kinds of purposes, even today email has its own space in their life. There are many kinds of business communications that need email services. Email is a way of communication that serves both formal and informal communications.

There is a number of email services available today. But, if it is for formal communication or for business purposes, you should choose the service carefully. There are many powerful email services like Gmail which are completely free and very useful for communication.

Best Free Email Services

Let us look into some of the best free email services which can be used for businesses and personal communication.


Presently, Gmail is the best and popular email service provider. Gmail is a reliable, user-friendly, secure, and simple. The email account is free and along with that, they offer 15 GB of storage space. The best part is, Gmail is integrated with services like Drive and Calendar along with that it also provides feature-rich apps for all kinds of mobile devices. Two major and very useful features of Gmail are voice and video chat along with its built-in chat functionality.

The inbox function in Gmail can be customized and configures. With the given features users can auto-classify incoming emails. Forums, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Primary are some of the classifications available for incoming emails.

Zoho Mail

zoho mail

Zoho offers a complete suite of applications for businesses and individuals. Zoho mail is one of the excellent free email services currently available. It brings 5GB of data storage and the best part is Zoho email is a completely ad-free service. In case if you find the storage insufficient, then there is an option to expand it by paying some amount. The rates are affordable and Zoho mail never displays adverts for protecting user policies.

Yahoo Mail

yahoo email service

Like Gmail Yahoo, mail service is also one of the very popular email service providers which come for free. Yahoo mail was very popular before Gmail came into the picture and even today it is used by most of the businesses. Yahoo mail is simple and secure and easy to use.


protonmail encrypted email service

ProtonMail is one of the email service providers which come with certain objectives. It offers encrypted, secure, and private email. But only thing is, this is a paid mail service and doesn’t come under the free category.


hotmail free email service

Hotmail is by Microsoft and it offers personal email accounts for free. If you are not familiar with the term Hotmail, then is the term you should use. This is one of the highly recommended mail services which can be used by small companies. Even though it is a very simple mail service, Hotmail is highly efficient. When you are using Hotmail you can easily set themes and preview emails.

These are some of the best email services available currently and based on your needs and expectations you can choose one of them for your business. All of them are simple and can be used for personal use. … Keep Reading

Introduction To Email Marketing

A highly impressive strategy of digital marketing by sending emails to customers and viewers is known by the term Email marketing. The impressive kind of marketing through emails is able to change the viewer into the customer and one time customers into a devoted crazy fan. This is the basic level of marketing and is used to promote one’s business. This kind of marketing is used to develop a relationship with new customers. It keeps the regular customer updated about your product and offers coupons to enhance the loyalty of the customer. It is the fast, flexible and cost-effective kind of marketing which encourage the new customers, viewer and current customer to visit the website regularly. It permits to generate targeted and personalizes text. This will help you to develop an effective relationship with your customers. It also helps to increase the response rate against direct marketing campaigns. If marketing emails are irrelevant or unwanted then it may make people irritated, so it is important to create a relevant email. It is a kind of internet marketing that includes online marketing through websites, blogs, social media and many more. This kind of marketing is quite similar to snail mail, but it is more impressive with respect to cost and also for the environment. There are broadly two types of email marketing are exists:

  • Engagement emails
  • Transactional emails
engagement emails

Engagement emails: The purpose of this kind of email is to keep maintain the interest of subscribers and bother with the brand even they are not in the mood of buying. These mails are created for branding and storytelling of the product. Content focused brands and sites such as comparison or review sites notify subscribers when they create new content or update a review of a product or service. A good example of this is with an adult review site like Hookup Dating Reviews, seen here, that sends out an email notification whenever they offer new content like an article or tnaboard review. This keeps there adult dating subscribers engaged and coming back. Engagement emails allow you to impose your creativity and add extra visuals, audio or videos etc. From these types of emails, you can create many different emails like:

  • Welcome mails: These are the primary mail that subscribers obtain after they have confirmed the email address. This is the first communication between the subscriber and your brand, so to make it impressive and worth their while. The reason behind it is that the subscriber generally opens the welcome mail with eagerness in comparison with promotional emails.
  • Instructive mails: the tutorials or tips mails are created to help the subscribers relevant to your business. They simply explained the product and need of subscribers. These are the best way to explain the product and make your subscriber familiar with your services. They are specially created to help subscribers to promise them for solving their problems. The new things about your brand will attract subscribers and associate them with your products.
  • Stories of Customers: These emails are generated after the interview or studying about your customers. These mails include feedback on what is given by the user. They include the stories about the success of the product, your services and tips. These stories come in picture or video form.
  • Story of the brand: The brand stories are created by the owner side unlike customer stories which are created after talking with them. This mail works best if it includes a personal story behind the brand. It will help subscribers to identify with a brand.
transactional email example

Transactional emails: These types of mails include the information regarding subscriber’s transactions that they have with your business. The main purpose of these emails is to initiate or close on a sail. They are used to request or send updates relating to customer orders. These mails are always activated by particular customer actions and sent automatically. They can be sent in real-time as well as a pre-planned schedule rather it is triggered automatically. There are some different kind of transactional emails exists:

  • Cart abandonment: These emails are essential for any online store. These emails sent to the customer when they added an item in their cart.
  • Promotional mails: They include the time-sensitive offers that will expire soon. These emails contain information about the availability of the product or services and may also include what discount is available for how much duration of the time period. These mails are created in that way whose subject line will be very clear about time sensitivity.
  • Receipts mails: once a customer completed a transaction he will get a confirmation mail, this is what the receipts mail.
  • Follow-ups mail: these mails informed the customer about the shipping, delivered or arrived about the product. When somebody ordered any physical product then these emails update them about the present status whether it is moved or not.

Email marketing permits you to mark a group of customers or any specific person. It offers regular customers some coupons on their special days like Birthday, wedding anniversary etc. this kind of marketing helps your business to develop gradually and support to maintain your relationship with customers. This strategy helps you to increase sales/conversions and customer trust and retention.… Keep Reading